First post is the deepest

I have been wanting to have a blog for quite sometime. Didn’t even remember that I already have a blog site set up, with zero post haha!

I have always been quite active on social media – facebook, twitter and instagram mostly. But each has its own constraints. And sometimes what you need exactly is to lay down thoughts, unfiltered and unrestrained, so that in time when you look back at those thought written down (figuratively), you will be able to reflect better on your actions and words.

We are human after all. To err is human. To change is human too. But change must be for the better. Most times, change scares us. Because that requires us to move out of our comfort zone. I guess you can also say that fear too is human. But change we must. Because only then we can progress.

I strive to make myself useful to others. But in order to do that, one must constantly better oneself, with everything the world has to offer. And that is simply limitless. Boundless. They say, the more you learn, the more you realise how little you know.

Re-posting below from my FB post earlier this year as a self-reminder (which I tweaked from an article in Huffington Post by Brianna Wiest titled “16 Signs of a Socially Intelligent Person”

  1. To not try to elicit a strong emotional response from anyone one is holding a conversation with.
  2. To not speak in definitives about people, politics or ideas.
  3. To not immediately deny criticism, or have such a strong emotional reaction to it that one becomes unapproachable or unchangeable.
  4. To not confuse an opinion of someone for being a fact about that person.
  5. To not overgeneralize other people through their behaviors (like using “you always” or “you never” to illustrate a point.).
  6. To speak with precision.
  7. To know how to practice healthy disassociation.
  8. To not try to inform people of their ignorance.
  9. To validate other people’s feelings.
  10. To recognize that one’s “shadow selves” are the traits, behaviors and patterns that aggravate oneself about others.
  11. To not argue with people who only want to win, not learn.
  12. To listen to hear, not respond.
  13. To not post anything online one would be embarrassed to show to a parent, explain to a child, or have an employer find.
  14. To not consider oneself a judge of what’s true.
  15. To not “poison the well,” or fall for ad hominem fallacy to disprove a point.
  16. That one’s primary relationship is to oneself, and to work on it tirelessly.

And that ends my first post!

Me petting (more like attempting to pet) a horsie during recent visit to Nevada Correctional Centre in March 2016. More about that in later post.



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