Jet lag makes you feel like crap

I am at a mamak shop as I write this, waiting for my dinner. Been waking up at 3am ish ever since I got back from the US. I even Googled “how to beat jet lag” but I guess one has to endure it until it’s gone.

I was in the US for almost a month, traveling from city to city: Washington DC – Baltimore – Manchester – Reno – Detroit – Austin – New York. I learnt so so much, not just about the US judicial & legal system (which was the focus of the program), but about the American people, culture, politics, history, art. It was certainly an eye-opener, on a country I used to only read about in the news or tv shows or the movies.

I also learnt a thing or two from fellow IVLP participants who are from 15 different countries. A good number of them are judges and prosecutors, but their humility and friendliness humble me very much. Respect to the maxx.

There are a lot of take home points from the programme which I intend to blog about separately soon. I should really try to do it soon when it is still fresh on my mind.



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