Sabah bah…

April in short is a crazy month. It is! But I kinda love it =)

I am even struggling to find time to write here. For starters, the next weekend after I got back from US, I flew to Sabah with MyConsti team among others for a workshop with persons with disabilities, organised by Human RIghts Committee of the Bar Council. It was quite a good fruitful 2 day workshop I’d say. And I’m very grateful for everyone who volunteered their time to help facilitate the workshop. It wasn’t easy to conduct a workshop for about 70 participants with different disabilities, so we need all the help we can get. We had time to do some shopping, immersed a bit on local culture and watch the sunsets too hehe.

I think we did quite well, because I got to know later that Sarawak lawyers are interested to have us come to Sarawak to conduct similar workshop.

Here are some pictures from the Sabah trip:


And the sunset, ooh I love the sunset! Whoever says sunset anywhere is the same everywhere can go fly kite hmmph!



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