It’s my birthday!

April is also a crazy month because it’s my birthday month! Hehe.

But that particular birthday week was also quite crazy. I’m glad I made full use of all the birthday freebies I got. I got meself a free scalp treatment at Number76 (they managed to talk me into doing a paid hair treatment =__=).

Then I got to see movies for freeeee! courtesy of GSC and also MalayMail. The latter I got not because of birthday, but that I retweeted one of their tweets at an opportune time. So I went to watch Zootopia and Eye in the Sky. Both are awesomeee!


I had an afternoon meeting on 20th April. Boss was being kind of coy asking me this and that about the meeting, suggesting we go together and all, and so I just played along lah. Of course they had arranged for a supposed birthday surprise for me back at the office.

After work, I went  to have a quiet birthday dinner with Yen Hui and Elaine at Tony Roma’s. Wanted to try Coliseum but it was closed due to some gas leak problem. But Tony Roma’s turned out to be quite good, with very friendly stuff getting us birthday dessert with candle on top, some freebies and a birthday song of course.

It took me about a week to properly reply to all birthday wishes. It was definitely a good birthday =)



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