Fun time in Krabi

So last weekend was our firm trip to Krabi. The 2nd one in 5 years hehe. The Organising Team really did one heck of a job from the flights, hotel (we stayed in Holiday Inn – much recommended!), activities, etc. We enjoyed ourselves so much. I know I did. And I made it a point to make the most of the 3 days and 2 nights trip.

Some of us got on the early 7am flight. Had to gather by 5am (yawnnn…). So a few of us decided to use the extra hours we had to do island hopping once we reach Krabi. Loved it! The view of the ocean, little islands in between and the lush greenery is simply breathtaking. We did snorkeling too. Such a shame I couldn’t swim so I had to hold onto Ariel the entire time. Bit scary when the water got into your googles or when the boat seems to sway towards you, but I wouldn’t want to pass a chance to check out the underwater world =)

The view.

Us. With sunblock lathered all over our body every 5 seconds haha!

We got back in the afternoon in time to greet the 2nd group arriving and to get our rooms. I was by this time sooo sweaty, sticky, and exhausted. So when they asked to gather I was just lazy to move… and so, they decided to move me instead =___=


The 2 nights we were there, some of us went to Longhorn Saloon for some live music, which was superb by the way. The song selection was awesome, and we sang along and danced to almost every song (even those I don’t know I simply pretended I do haha!)

I took advantage of the comparatively cheap massage parlors and had 2 full body massage on Saturday and Sunday just before we checked out. Had fun at the pool too (which was 1.3 metre high thankfully =P)

The Saturday morning activities were also fun, kudos to the organising team. We definitely leave behind some wonderful memories. I can vouch for that because up until this point we are still relieving and laughing over the trip =D (and the songs they had at Longhorn is my current playlist hehe)

I am definitely considering to come to Krabi again in the future.

Some more photos I took:-

And here’s one with ma team yo –




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