Washington DC is not Washington

Someone on my FB feed is posting updates about his trip to the US of A under the IVLP program. The same exchange program I went a month or 2 back but with a different focus. Makes me green with envy, because I think I missed the US! I missed the people (I think the Americans are friendlier than the Brits, but that’s just me), I missed the weather, I missed the scenery, and their love of history. Not so much the food though. I missed walking about in the different towns and cities. I should really write about what I learned before I started to forget. Soon, soon…

For now I’ll post some of the shots I took in Washington DC. I’ll share photos of other cities in other posts. I remember feeling confused when I was planning for the trip and looking at the US map thinking, why is Washington DC in 2 places? East and West. Then, ohhhh… *slaps head*

The White House. The fine looking Canadian President J.T. a.k.a Justin Trudell was in the house. Hence Canadian flags were everywhere too.


The US Supreme Court (so majestic eh).


Washington Monument (breathtaking view at dusk!)



World War II Memorial (they are big on war memorials here).IMG_20160315_202753IMG_20160315_202600


Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool at night (makes me think of that end scene in Forest Gump).IMG_20160315_205243

We were in DC for a week but packed schedule didn’t allow us to do much exploring. If I had few extra free days, I would have definitely explored ALL the Smithsonian museums there, and checked out other memorials too.

It was only sometime after I got back that I remembered that I have a friend working in DC, and I had completely forgotten to check in to see if we could catch up. Haihhh!

Thanks for the memories, DC.


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