Falling sick is no fun

I have been feeling sick since last week. It started with a sore throat, which I did not think was unusual since we are in the month of Ramadhan and the weather can be super warm. But then I started to get chills, muscle aches all over and headache. I thought I would be fine after a weekend at home, but there doesn’t seem to be much improvement.

Yesterday in office I was blowing my nose the whole time (and I think I wasted a tree worth of tissues in the process sigh…).

Had buka puasa buffet with colleagues at Rebung restaurant yesterday. Tried my best to savour as much food there. I’m generally a small eater and what with being sick and all, there’s a very likely chance I wasn’t able to eat my money’s worth. Buffets are definitely not my forte.

Anyway, I went home, downed some panadols for cold and tried to sleep early. I couldn’t! Constant tossing and turning, and stretching to relieve muscle aches. Sigh…

I have few Bar Council stuff I need to get done by today. Or else, I will be stuck doing them in the office. In my haste packing up from office yesterday, I had forgotten to save a piece of work onto my pendrive. You know the feeling when you really wanted to get something done off your checklist, and then you realise you can’t? Yeah, that feeling…

Falling sick is no fun. You are constantly tired. Your mind is tired too. Soon you will be thinking sad, unhappy thoughts. Basically, you will be a drama queen lah, the sappy kind. I hate that. I think happiness is a choice you make. But it can be quite challenging when your body feels like it is dragging everything down, including your spirit.

I feel like resting in bed all day, but I had promised to meet a friend for dinner later, which I had already rescheduled twice. So it is not nice to bail.

This Ramadhan, somewhat expected, I have lots of buka puasa invitations, mostly from friends. I appreciate that I have many good friends out there. Makes me want to appreciate my friends more. At the same time, it can be quite challenging trying to do as much ibadah as I can at the same time to get the special Ramadhan rewards. It is all in the mind really. If I truly set my mind to it, there is no reason why I cannot do my own terawih prayers at home for example. Also, since I cannot fast now, I should really start reading either the Quran translations, or religious books. Just to ensure there is consistent spiritual nourishment during this holy month.

Anyway, if I still don’t feel better after dinner, I will go to the usual clinic at Sentul boulevard to get checked. I feel quite reluctant actually, because medical fees are very pricey nowadays! Thank God the office has a medical insurance for that.

I shall alternate between resting and getting some work done. Pray that I will get better soon.

These are my best friends for the moment.


P/s: On an unrelated note, I am pretty excited to be selected to speak at LawAsia conference this August in Sri Lanka woohoo! The topic, business and human rights, is not a focus I usually speak on, but I really want to do it right, so I will need to read as much as I can and prepare early. Will definitely blog about my trip there!




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