Women of the Future

The UK women delegate from the Women of the Future (WoF) Initiative was in Malaysia last week. This was the same programme I had attended in London last year as part of the Malaysian delegate. I was invited to join them for welcome cocktails and dinner at the residence of the British High Commissioner on Monday. I was super excited and of course really privileged to meet the WoF founder herself, Pinky Lilani as I did not have the chance to meet her in person when I was in London. This was a woman who has dedicated a big part of her life to support and recognise the force of young women.

Photo credit: UK in Malaysia – British High Commission KL FB page

The next night, I hosted dinner for a small group of the delegate including Pinky. I decided to bring them to Rebung Restaurant, which turned out to be quite far from their hotel I feel so bad for their hungry tummy! I got to say, service at the restaurant wasn’t that great, even though the place wasn’t very busy when we were there. One thing that made up for it was the mix of oldies and traditional Malay songs sung by the restaurant staffs from a karaoke machine. Some of us had a whale of time dancing along to the songs (me included!).


On Friday was the gala dinner at the ritzy Ritz-Carlton to launch the Women of the Future Global network in Malaysia. It was quite tricky for me as I had a speaking engagement at a forum right before the gala dinner. In the end, I decided to throw a black jacket over my glamorous dinner dress (Really, the dress code was that – glamorous). I was late to the forum (very bad time management on my part as I overlooked that it was Friday after work =_____=), and had to leave quite soon after the forum as the gala dinner was already starting.

Photo credit: Angela Yap

Dinner was lovely and everyone looked their best. Midway through the courses, I went to the loo. On the way back into the ballroom, I heard the emcee talking about someone “…young lawyer something something campaign something democracy yada yada the constitution…”

And I thought to myself, “Hmm… who is this young lawyer? I need to network with this young lawyer after this!” Then…


They deliberately kept it a surprise. Well, it really was.

Photo credit: Honey Tan

This definitely goes on the list of the bestest moments of my life. That week, that particular week had been such a crazy, tiring week. And so being announced as among the recipient of the Women of the Future award was indeed a good feeling. Definitely makes me want to be better and do more =) It also makes me feel truly grateful for the wonderful support I have gotten from family, friends, colleagues right from the beginning of the my journey as lawyer and a member of the Malaysian Bar.

With Rozana (SIS strongwoman) and Honey Tan (another superwoman) (Photo credit: Honey Tan)

Thank you Women of the Future program and the British High Commission! The support and recognition truly means a lot, more than I can say.


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